I'm a Fucking Man league

A one of a kind League for men.

The IAFM (I'm A Fucking Man) League is designed for men who wish to have fun and be rewarded for their commitment to their personal growth.

Combining aspects of fantasy sports leagues, men's personal development, and fundraising, the IAFM League is like nothing you've ever experienced.


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Current Challenge:

Wealth Goals

Challenge Category


We all have goals we want to achieve, and we want them for different reasons.

As men, we often were taught to be the provider, but as a result we sacrifice different aspects of our lives to attain certain levels of financial success.

The problem is, other than being taught we "have to work hard", we don't necessarily know exactly what we want and how to achieve our wealth goals.

This challenge is about identifying a few wealth goals you'd like to achieve over the next few months and working towards them.

So let's see what you want to achieve and make it happen!

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Wealth Goals

Previous Challenges:

Outdoor Sports Challenge

Challenge Category


It's time to get outside and get that athlete within you moving!

This month's challenge is about having fun and playing different sports or activities.

Whether it's in a league, with your buddies, on your own, or even playing with your kids, it's about getting off your ass and having fun.

You earn points by sharing what sport you played in our private Mighty Networks group.

Fun prizes to be won, and best of all you'll have a blast doing it!

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Outdoor Sports Challenge

Give For a Greater Good Challenge

Challenge Category


With the holiday season being the time for giving and receiving, this monthly challenge is about giving what you don't need to better serve others.

This month's challenge is about giving:

your belongings (clothes, furniture, tools, etc) that you don't use anymore

Canned goods you're not eating

Proceeds to charity or donations to those less privileged 

Your time to charities or causes to help those in need

You earn points by sharing the differing things you are giving to create a positive impact in your community.

Fun prizes to be won, and most importantly you are giving for a greater good!

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Give For a Greater Good Challenge

Great outdoors

Challenge Category


Being outside can have a powerful impact on us

Even the slightest of physical activity outdoors can have a huge, positive impact on our physical and mental health.

It can relieve stress, and make us happier, especially when we're doing something we enjoy.

This challenge is about getting outside and taking advantage of the great outdoors, while doing something we like to do.

Whether you live in the country or the city, you can still benefit from being outside, moving, and changing our mood for the better.

See what this challenge is all about!

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Great outdoors

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