What is the IAFM League?

The IAFM League is a private, online community, designed for men to have fun and be rewarded for building consistency, growth, and balance in aspects of their:
Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Happiness (The Four Pillars)

The League is designed to accommodate a man's busy lifestyle, so you can work on yourself without sacrificing what is most important to you.

The League members participate in different monthly themed challenges that focus on a different pillar each month.

There are simple daily actions to complete relating to each of those pillars. There is a template provided to share your daily progress in our group.

We provide you with one simple daily action per pillar and you select one daily action per pillar that you'd like to be consistent with.

League members attain points through their participation in each monthly challenge in order to win cash and prizes as they grow and evolve.

Why is it called IAFM?

"I'm a Fucking Man" (IAFM) was a declaration said out loud by a group of men in one of the coaching calls in The Word Of Man (TWOM), an online men's mentoring group led by Kevin Scott.

Inspired by his ongoing experience and growth in the group, Serge Plourde, the IAFM League founder, wanted to pay homage to TWOM, and its leader, Kevin Scott.

What originally started out as a testimonial workbook, sharing his experience in TWOM, led to Serge creating and developing a unique, action-oriented league for men to find balance and consistency in different aspects of their lives.

"I'm a Fucking Man" as a statement, can be very powerful, as well as liberating, and asserts taking control of one's situation.

Serge wanted to bring that life through the League, while creating a space where men can be supported, inspired, and challenged.

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fundraising & a resource centre for men

A very important aspect of the IAFM League is the focus on raising funds and awareness for different causes that help and support in different ways.

25% of all monthly proceeds are donated to the "Cause of the Month" - a different charity is selected monthly, that is having a positive impact on its community.

The League also acknowledges a different 'IAFMan of the Month', each month, for their positive impact on others.

As well as being a League, IAFM is developing into a resource centre for men. Not only a place for men to challenge themselves and be rewarded, but also to use the resources provided in the monthly challenges as extra resources to help them grow.

Whether it's delicious, healthy recipes from Chef Nathan Vasil, wealth growth tips, affirmations & declarations, strength & conditioning workouts, the IAFManual (in development) or the IAFM Podcast, more is being added to the League on an ongoing basis to create the most value possible for our members.

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